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Preparing for later life

The FCA’s final FAMR report into the provision of financial advice recognises that financial advice is a lifelong need, with clients requiring different services at different stages of their lives.

The purpose of this Royal London information hub is to focus on the different stages of life and to help you work with your clients to identify what financial planning they require and when, including protection for the family if they are unable to continue to provide for them, or using their retirement savings sensibly and efficiently.

It's a family affair

Family planning is not just about how to pay for 2.4 kids and a dog; it’s about creating sustainable wealth that can pass through the generations.

Generation X (1960s - 1985)

Never too late for protection

There are many reasons advisers should help older clients with insurance needs.

Baby Boomers (1940s - 1965)

Family income benefit – an affordable protection solution

We’re all familiar with one of the key barriers to people taking out protection – affordability.

Millennials (1980s - 2000s)

Defined benefit schemes part 2

A look at guidance available to pension transfer specialists (PTS).

Baby Boomers (1940s - 1965)

Reassuringly focused on claims

We’re sure you’ve heard your customers say ‘but insurance companies don’t pay claims’ when giving a reason for not wanting to take out protection.

(Millennials - Protection)

Workers are missing out

Three million workers missing out on £2 billion of 'buy-one, get-one free cash' from their employers.

(Generation X - Pensions)

Changes to capped drawdown tables

We look at the reasons and what the impact could be.

Baby Boomers (1940s - 1965)

Mothers missing out on millions

New HMRC figures show number of ‘mothers missing out on millions’ in pension rights has doubled in two years – Steve Webb

Generation X (1960s - 1985)

Pension over-taxing

800,000 people at risk of being over-taxed on their pensions – Steve Webb, Royal London Director of Policy writes

Baby Boomers (1940s - 1965)

A stitch in time

What do the changes to capped drawdown maximum income calculations mean for you?

Millennials (1980s - 2000s)

Life insurance is essential but…

…are protection products providing an adequate solution?

Millennials (1980s - 2000s)

Trusts are more versatile than you think

We want to make trusts as easy as possible for you.

(Generation X - Pensions)

Can you put a hat on?

You might think the question in the title is a strange one.

Millennials (1980s - 2000s)

Future gazing, present-day preparation

Millennials have enough to worry about instead of thinking about retirement. Simoney Kyriakou reports.

Millennials (1980s - 2000s)

Employer fined for failing to pay AE fines

Jamie Clark gives the lowdown on what happens when an employer fails to pay auto-enrolment fines.

(Generation X - Pensions)

Are you talking to clients about retirement planning?

More people are using income drawdown than ever before...

(baby boomers - pensions)

DB transfers – one more factor to consider

We look at how higher DB transfer values could cause a lifetime allowance issue and how that affects the advice process.

Baby Boomers (1940s - 1965)

Guarantees in the retirement income market

Do guarantees benefit customers and if so, when?

Baby Boomers (1940s - 1965)

Scheme pays explained

We've received lots of queries on scheme pays and when it can be used. This article explains how it works and the conditions which apply.

Baby Boomers (1940s - 1965)

Trusts. Easier than you think?

Less than 5% of our personal protection plans are written in trust.

Baby Boomers (1940s - 1965)

Creating opportunity out of change

The buy-to-let market has been the subject of a raft of tax changes all of which make it a less profitable and less appealing proposition for investors.

Generation X (1960s - 1985)

Life begins at…

Having reached a certain age, I’m having to come to terms with the fact that my peers and I aren’t as immune from illness or death as we’d like to think.

Generation X (1960s - 1985)

‘Nuclear Deterrent’ needed for employers with DB schemes

We take a look at the main findings into the collapse of BHS and the impact on its pension scheme, the Work and Pensions Select Committee.

Generation X (1960s - 1985)

Generation rent

What does generation rent actually mean for consumers and advisers and has the face of the typical renter changed?

Millennials (1980s - 2000s)

Keep calm and carry on?

It’s part of Britain's quirky cultural behaviour – like forming orderly queues, or saying sorry when it’s not our fault.

Millennials (1980s - 2000s)